sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Lista de apps para docentes

We have been doing a lot of  reviews of educational  mobile apps. We particularly focused on the ones that work on iPad and we tried to cover almost all the fields from digital story telling to apps to teach creativity. Our purpose is to provide teachers with a repository of apps to choose from  when trying them with their students in the classroom. Check out the categories below and click on any title to access the correspondent apps it contains. Enjoy

1- Digital Storytelling Apps for iPad

2- Presentation Apps for iPad

3- iPad Apps to Create eBooks

4- Printing Apps for iPad

5- Science iPad Apps

6- Video Apps for your iPad

7- Educational Music Apps for iPad

8- iPad Apps for Reading Disability

9- Math iPad Apps 

10- Note Taking Apps for iPad

11- Whiteboard Apps for iPad

12- Multiple Intelligence Apps for iPad

13- iPad Apps for Blooms Taxonomy

14- Dictionary Apps for iPad

15- Audio Recording Apps for iPad

16- iPad Apps for Kids

17- Google Apps for iPad

18- Wiki Apps for iPad

19- Grading Apps for iPad

20- Screen Sharing Apps for iPad

21- Homework Apps for iPad

22- Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Apps for iPad

23- PDF Apps for iPad

24- Apps to Create Digital Portfolios

25- Textbook and Audio Books Apps for iPad

26- Learning Apps for iPad

27- Photo Collage Apps for iPad

28- iPad Apps for Professional Development

29- Writing Apps for iPad

30- iPad Creativity Apps

31- Reading Apps for iPad

32- iPad Apps for Research

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